General FAQs

1. What cities are you located in?

Let’s Play Games is a online platform that promotes analog gameplay and as such game parties can happen anywhere, anytime! Our job is to connect gamers to each other and, occasionally, to places they can play.

2. How much does it cost to attend a game party?

Free! Let’s Play Games is setup to make gaming free to all; free to play, and free to host. That being said, Game Masters can create special ticketed game parties that require payment to join typically to cover costs of food and drink, or if they are fundraising for a cause. These game parties will be advertised on the game board separately as paid parties.

3. How do I join a game party?

Check the game board in your neighborhood to see what game parties are available for you to join. If you do not see any available game parties, check your location settings to make sure registered your zipcode with LPG.

4. How do I become a Game Master?

A Game Master is what we call a host, or board game party organizer, on the LPG platform. Anyone who creates an event is a Game Master.

5. I’m a venue, how do I host a game party?

If you own or manage a bar, restaurant, cafe etc., and are interested in being registered with LPG as a qualified gaming venue please fill out a contact form with your name, business name, company email and a good number to reach you and an LPG representative will get back to you shortly.

6. How do I customize my public profile?

You can customize your profile with pictures, YouTube videos, and more! This is a great place to list all your upcoming events and start discussions with your ticket buyers. To customize your page, log-in to your account, then visit Account>My Profile>Edit.

7. Can I bring my own games to the game party?

Of course! We recommend reaching out to your Game Master and letting them know what games you are thinking about bringing.

8. Can I reach out to the host to ask if anyone is interested in playing a specific game?

Yes - you can either post to the game party discussion board or reach out to the Game Master directly. Only Game Masters can send direct messages to game party members.

9. Can I ask the host to bring a certain game?


10. Can I reach out to the host with suggestions for places to play?

Sure - knock yourself out. Just don’t be butthurt if they don’t wanna go to your grandma’s place to play Pandemic.

11. The game party I want to join says it’s full. Can I still join?

If a game party you are interested in runs out of available seats you can still put yourself on the waitlist and if a spot opens up depending on the order you may be offered a spot on the game party.

12. I need help! Can I talk to you?

Go to our contact us page and fill out our form with your name, email address, a number to contact you and a brief description about your inquiry.

Game Masters

1. How do I post an event?

Click on the "Create an Event!" button at the top of any page. The site will walk you through the steps you need to take to post your event and start selling tickets. Please feel free to contact us if you need any extra assistance.

2. How much does it cost to host a game?

Hosting a game party is free.

3. How do I change the number of available seats in my game party?

Click the upcoming game party you wish to edit>click edit>change the number of available seats.

4. Can I cancel my game party?

Yes - we are not going to make you throw a game party if you don’t want to. However, too many canceled parties will affect your Game Master rating which will affect your game party search results and you may be subject to further penalization from the platform such as suspension or revocation of your Game Master privileges. Some good advice: don’t be a flake.

5. How do I customize my event page?

During setup for your event LPG allows for a number of customizations. We are always innovating and working on new ways to make event pages as exciting as possible so stay tuned for further options and updates.

6. Can I host at my house?

The brave at heart can certainly host a game party within their actual homestead if they so desire. Alternatively, we offer a list of bars, restaurants, and cafes in your neighborhood who are our partners and are board game friendly. Let’s Play Games LLC is not legally liable or responsible for any damaged or lost items from yours or anyone else’s domicile as a result of a game party gone amok.

7. Can I sell tickets to my game party?

You can ask gamers to purchase a ticket through the app to cover expenses for incidentals such as food and drinks or if you are fundraising for a cause.

8. I need more help hosting my game party! Can I talk to you?

Go to our contact us page and fill out our form with your name, email address, the name of your game party, a number to contact you w a brief description about your inquiry.