All Let's Play Games partner venues have been carefully vetted and selected by our admin team as being board game friendly. We have personally visited and hosted board game parties at each of these locations to insure that they meet the following criteria:

  • 1 Space For Large Game Parties

  • 2 Affordable, Tasty Food

  • 3 Friendly Wait Staff

  • 4 Great Drink Selection

  • 5 Ample Table Space

  • 6 Great Gaming Atmosphere


Take a look at some of our partner venues:

Becoming an LPG Partner Venue

Interested in being listed with Let’s Play Games as a Partner Venue? Some things you should know:
  • A Let’s Play Games game party takes about 3-4 hours. A popular starting time is around 7pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends (totally flexible according to venue).
  • The average gamer orders a minimum of two drinks. Game events can bring 10-30 gamers into your venue which means additional revenue for your business (especially if you serve food)
  • A Let’s Play Games game party often times brings new cliental to your establishment from all over the city.
  • Our community is comprised of smart, respectful, passionate individuals who never forget a good time.
What you need for a game party:
  • Dining space and chairs to seat up to 30 gamers. This will depend on the game party and the organizer, who you will be in touch with.
  • The tables should be cleared as we will cover tables with board games clothes to protect them.
  • Pitchers for water would be appreciated.
  • Providing a designated member of your wait staff to periodically check in on the gamer’s hunger level will bring in more revenue as gamers can get pretty hungry throughout the course of the event.
  • Gamers can get pretty involved in their games and will be more apt to order food and drinks if the wait staff is proactively attentive.
  • The beginning of the event is a rush as the players are settling in and setting up their games. 10 minutes and about 30 minutes into the event is a opportunity to check in on the gamers. Bright lighting is necessary, no need for mood lighting on these evenings.
Let's get started!